Keelan Bio Odour Control
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Product Description
  • A blend of natural odour reducing agents.
  • Rapidly removes organic compounds and odours
  • Environmentally friendly


Bio Odour Control is a non toxic blend of biodegradable natural active agents. 


Bio Odour Control will also control/destroy gram negative bacteria ie. Salmonella. A, Staphylococcus Aureus,  Pseudomonas Aeruginosa. 



Treat large volume of waste: Dilute Concentrate 4-1 in water and add 1 litre of the mix to approximately 10/50,000 litres of slurry/waste.


Small scale application add 30 mls. conc. to 1 lt of water and apply using a watering can or pump spray  for sheds, cages, bins, traps drains etc. 


To spray a larger area:  wheelie bins/food waste etc use 20/50 mls concentrate of product per 1 litre of water. For septic tanks use 250 mls conc. per week or as necessary.


Suitable for the following Locations:

  • Cattle slurry pits,  Baling stations,
  • Skips, food processing factories,
  • House hold bins,
  • Mobile toilets,
  • Sewage holding septic tanks,
  • Landfills,
  • Wet scrubbers,
  • Chicken sheds/cages,
  • Slurry water lagoons,
  • Sewage sludge,
  • Industrial Effluents and  Landfill sites,
  • Air ducts.