CT 4 (608)
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Product Description

CT 4 is a multi-purpose grease with micronized, extra pure molybdenum disulfide (MoS2).
Enables lubrication of all mechanisms under heavy loads and under extreme thermal conditions. 

The presence of MoS2 considerably improves the product’s ability to withstand heavy loads and reduces the effects of wear from contact. CT 4:
  • Is insoluble in cold or hot water.
  • Contains anti-wear additives, extreme pressure additives and anti-corrosive agents.
  • Withstands oxidation and extreme temperatures extremely well.
  • Allows to reduce greasing frequency by 2 to 3 times compared to similar greases without additives. 
  • Ensures safe lubrication by creating a MoS2 film which covers and coats parts. Should there be insufficient grease, this deposit of MoS2 will prolong and ensure lubrication. 
Product tested and referenced by POTAIN MANITOWOC GROVE for lubrication of slewing rings of jib cranes. 

  • Ball bearings, needles and rollers, main bearings, hinges, splined shafts, cables, etc.
  • Winches, pulleys, capstan, locks, gearing, runners, gears, etc. 
  • Construction equipments, public works, materials handling, transportation vehicles, agricultural equipment, boats, etc.
  • Mounting gaskets (resistant to mineral oils).
  • Ball and socket heads, slewing rings of jib cranes and excavators, fifth wheels of tractors and trucks. 

Color : black
Viscosity of base oil at 40°C (ASTM D 445) : 120 mm²/s
Drop point (NFT 60-102) : 180°C
NLGI Grade : 2 
Worked penetration (NFT 60-132) : 265-295
EP 4 balls test (ASTM D 2596) : 315 kg
Anti-rust performance (EMCOR) (NFT 60-135) : 0-0
Oil separation after 3 days at 100°C (AIR 1650A) : 1%
Operating temperature : -30°C to +165°C
DN Factor :  > 350,000
Classe DIN 51825 : KPF2P-30 

Clean parts before applying lubricant; do not mix with another grease.
Apply grease in thin layers to the parts to be lubricated.
CT 4 can substitute for non-reinforced greases. 

650 ml aerosol : Ref. 4608 A4 x 12
200 g tube : Ref. 3608 T4 x 12
400 g cartridge : Ref. 3608 C4 x 12
1 kg box : Ref. 3608 B7 x 6
50 kg drum : Ref. 3608 O4 x 1