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Product Description
  • unique, powerful concentrated sanitizer for use on all food preparation surfaces and food processing equipment, walls, floors, laboratories and any other high risk areas.
  • Formulated for its broad spectrum antibacterial and verudical properties providing unsurpassed, safe and effective replacement for conventional cleaners, bleaches and disinfectants.
  • Provides consistent and long term performance preventing microbial resistance.
  • Powerful deodorizing property eradicates and prevents foul odor.
Being water based, Eco San is safe and easy to use, with no unwanted side effects such as taint, smell or handling hazards

Area’s Of Applications:



       Sterile laboratory

       Office Desks

       Hotel and catering kitchens

       Surgical Benches

       Dentistry Appliances

       Veterinary clinics

       Nursing homes


      Food industry meat/poultry

      Fishing fleets

     Public transport