CB5 (802)
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Product Description
Contains molybdenum disulfide 

CB5 is a fluid lubricant specially formulated for lubricating conveyors and chains operating in extreme conditions, under extreme loads, in dusty environments or at high temperatures. 

  • Contains agents for cleaning chains: dissolves external and internal grime.
  • Anti-wear, withstands heavy loads thanks to its micronised MoS2 content.
  • Penetrates deeply and adheres extremely well.
  • Neutralises oxides and rust, and protects against the return of rust.
  • Water-resistant; hydrophobic product. Withstands high temperatures (230°C).
  • Ideal lubricant for dusty environments.
  • Due to its long life, fewer replacement parts are needed and there are fewer instances of chain stoppage.
  • MoS2 ensures dry lubrication up to 450°C.
  • Contains no silicone. 
  • Restores old chains and conveyors; cleans and lubricates chains during restoration.
  • Lubricates traction systems, and transmission chains under heavy loads, such as in fork lift trucks. Use on dry frames, ovens employed in wood industry and for chip board, industrial ovens for paints, thermal treatment in glassmaking, etc.
  • Use for lubrication in dusty atmospheres, such as in quarries, mines, agriculture, grain processing industry, animal feed industry, paper industry, etc.

Aspect : Liquid
Colour : Dark grey
Density at 20°C (ASTM D 4052) : 0.902
Flash point V C (ASTM D 56) : >60°C
Viscosity at 25°C (ASTM D 445) : 50 cSt
Viscosity at 40°C (ASTM D 445) : 40 cSt
Viscosity at 100°C (ASTM D 445) : 6.1 cSt
SHELL 4-balls EP test (ASTM D 2783) : >720 kg
Operating temperature : -30°C +230°C 

Shake well before use.  CB 5 can be applied with a dropper, in a spray, by soaking or with a brush.
It is not necessary to clean chains and conveyors before applying CB5, because the product contains cleaning agents. 

650 ml aerosol Ref. 4802 A4 x 12
1 L bottle Ref. 2802 i2 x 12
5 L jerry-can Ref. 2802 J1 x 4
60 L drum Ref. 2802 O5 x 1