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Product Description

A+ is a bio-formulated cleaning solution for the safe removal of all grease, grim and dirt from any type of hard floor or surface.  A+ is a blend of natural surface-active agents and enzymes. The product is designed to breakdown oils, grease, traffic film and walked in grime, also acts as powerfull de-odouriser

Safe To Use on all hard surfaces , Vinyl, Terrazzo, Granite, marble  Ceramic tiles, Safe floors, Stainless steel, aluminium, floors, walls (plastic, stainlees etc) and plastics.


Directions for using  A+ as a grease grime remover and traffic film cleaner.

Dilution will depend upon the severity of soiling. In extreme cases it may be necessary to dilute at 1 part  A+ to 3 parts warm or cold water. For general oil and grease removal the product can be diluted with up to 20 parts water.



Apply the solution directly to the affected area, agitate using either a brush or mechanical method and allow a dwell time dependant upon degree of soiling. Rinse area with clean water and allow to air dry. It may be necessary to repeat this process in order to obtain optimum results in badly affected area.


Directions for using A+ as a general purpose hard surface cleaner:

For the hard surface floors, dilute at 20 to 1, apply, agitate and remove. For walls and panels dilute at 100 to 1, spray, wipe and remove. The long term effect of using  A+ will ensure no build up of soiling occurs. Product is ideal for use with micro fibre mop cleaning systems


 A+ is safe to dispose of directly into drainage/plumbing systems.

Complies with chip 3