Oraflon (705)
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Product Description

ORAFLON is a powerful synthetic lubricant made with finely micronized Téflon®, EP additives and anti-rust agents for greasing. 

  • Possesses considerable greasing and anti-wear powers.
  • Withstands heavy loads very well.
  • Holds up well in extreme temperatures, from -30°C to +230°C.
  • Does not form deposits due to heat.
  • Bonds exceptionally well on numerous materials, such as metal, wood, tile, rubber, etc., because it contains micronized TEFLON®, which settles into the smallest cracks.
  • Water-resistant; withstands intensive, high-pressure washing.
  • Protects against corrosion thanks to special additives, especially designed for marine environment.
  • Produces a thin lubricating film, sufficiently dry after evaporation of solvents to prevent bonding of dust, mud, sand and formation of sludge. 
  • Stands up well to humidity.
  • Clean, does not stain. 

  • It is specially formulated for static and dynamic lubrication of pins, runners and all mechanical transmission systems subject to severe conditions, and for when a clean, high-performance product is required.
  • Printing works: pins, runners, pinions, cutting machine trimmers, manufacturing of cardboard and paper packaging (pinions, open gears, etc.).
  • Quarries: mechanical transmissions systems exposed to dust and to the elements.
  • Plastics processing: pins for various mechanisms, maintenance of equipment.
  • Glassworks: bottle conveyors, lubrication of rubber gearboxes mounts.
  • Transportation: lubrication of SNCF switches for the Channel Tunnel.
  • Woodworking, sawmills: transport of wood, conveyors, to prevent chatter of damp wood on a conveyor system.
Shake well before each use in order to suspend the TEFLON in the product.
Apply the product by brushing, soaking or spraying.
Apply product to a clean and dry surface.
Allow the product to work, and to settle into cracks. 

Aspect : opaque liquid after shake
Odour : odourless
Viscosité to 25°C : ~25 mPa.s  
Colour : light amber
Density at 20°C :  ~0,87
(ASTM D4052)
Average granularity : 0,4 à 0,8 µm
Operating temperature: -30 to +230°C

405 ml aerosol : Ref. 4705 A2 x 12
1 l bottle : Ref. 2705 i2 x 6
5 l jerrycan : Ref. 2705 J1 x 1