Tefliss 2 (701)
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Product Description

  • TEFLISS 2 forms a rapid-drying film that adheres very well to surfaces; it is practically colourless, dry and smooth to the touch.
  • TEFLISS 2 does not stain; it is a water- and oil-resistant non-stick lubricant.
  • TEFLISS 2 is chemically inert, withstands most acids, and is heat stable.
  • TEFLISS 2 adheres to all materials, such as metals, plastics, wood, glass, leather, and paper.
  • TEFLISS 2 is composed of raw materials that comply with current regulations.
  • This dry lubricant is excellent for use in dusty environments since particles will absolutely not stick to treated surfaces, which is never the case with oils and greases.  

  • LUBRICANT: various small moving parts, requiring dry lubrication – drawer runners, automatic distribution devices, rotary or sliding joints to facilitate assembly and avoid sticking upon stop – office equipment.
  • Automobiles (hinges, locks, door joints, etc.)
  • Lubrication for chains in extremely cold conditions.
  • Prevents adhesion and is an unmoulding agent.
  • Especially effective for epoxy resins.
  • In the textile industry, the product prevents binding of dust and flock, and facilitates sliding on forms. - In electric engines, it protects windings from humidity and prevents accumulation of dust.
  • In printing, use on matrices, rollers, folding machines, etc.
  • PROTECTS against humidity and oxidation.
  • Use in aviation, automobile industry. TEFLISS 2 improves insulation of wires and prevents corrosion of terminals.
  • Use on printed circuit boards; it eliminates surface conductivity due to humidity. 

TEFLISS 2 is a TEFLON®-based non-stick lubricant. 

Shake well before using. Apply a thin layer of product to a clean and dry surface. If a thicker layer is required, apply multiple layers in a crisscross pattern, while waiting several minutes between each layer.
After film has dried, you can put in drying oven for 1 hour at 200°C.
Always allow to dry for at least 15 minutes before assembling parts. TEFLON® is a registered trademark of DuPont. 

Aspect : liquid then opaque film
Colour : white
Operating temperature :  -120 to +250°C
Drying time : dust free : 5 min at 20°C
Drying time : complete : 20 min at 20°C 

650ml aerosol : Ref. 4701 A4 x 12