Molyspray (700)
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Product Description

  • ANTI-WEAR TREATMENT : Preparation of metallic surfaces : makes running-in easier, reduces friction strains, avoids seizing-up, increases parts lifetime. The film built does not create shimming, thus it does not cause a reduction of mechanical gaps.
  • PROTECTION AGAINST CONTACT AND FRICTION RUST :  A MOLYSPRAY application significantly slows down and often eliminates “fretting” problem (various assemblies, bearings bushes, cones mounting, swinging joints, etc …). 
Molybdenum disulfide powder in suspension in aerosol packaging. Used for the pre-treatment of parts before assembling. 

  • Taps and compressed air bottles, including oxygen, as well as mechanisms and regulators and pipes fittings. 
  • Working static or dynamic mechanic parts which should not receive liquid or plastic lubricants.
  • Mechanisms of automatic weapons. 
  • Mechanisms working in dusty environment, threaded or non threaded assemblies to make later assembling and disassembling easier, suppressing contact rust. (Note that in the absence of air the product still remains efficient even if parts are subjected to temperatures close to 700° C). For easier assembling and strains reduction of cold fitted assemblies and various fitted assemblies. 
  • Various mechanisms subjected to important temperature variations making the use of liquid or plastic lubricants almost impossible.
  • Dry lubrication of rotating or sliding joints out of synthetic materials, in particular on pneumatic servomechanisms not lubricated by standard processes.
For optimum efficiency, surfaces to be sprayed must be thoroughly cleaned with a solvent and should not show any trace of oxidation.
Shake well aerosol before use.  
Move the opening of the diffuser toward the surface to be treated and remain at a distance of 20 to 30 cm  from the part.
Press vertically on the diffuser.
Spray very  lightly avoiding excesses.
Allow the film to dry. It becomes matte grey.  
NOTE : do not spray on hot parts. 

Aspect : bluish grey
Dry lubrication from : -200 à +450°C (600°C in non oxidizing atmosphere)
Friction coefficient :  0.03 – 0.06
Density : 0.72
Insoluble in water and usual solvents. 

650 ml aerosol : Ref. 4700 A4 x 12